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September 25th, 2017

How Facebook, Google, and Pinterest do Marketing Analytics

The buzz for every single panel I’ve attended at this year’s AdWeek NYC circles back to the exact same themes: How do we make data more human and how are marketers using measurement to uncover the successes, and failures, that drive impactful changes in the way we do business in 2017?

And nowhere was this particular theme more central than in the panel: Breaking Through Walls – How the Biggest Global Platforms do Marketing Analytics moderated by Neustar VP of Product Marketing, Julie Fleischer. Fleischer spoke to measurement leaders from Facebook, Google, and Pinterest—an almost unheard of coup since the three rarely appear together anywhere—about how measurement tools like the Neustar Media Mix Modeling and MTA solutions they use impact their businesses.

Fleischer and the panelists: Facebook’s Brad Smallwood, Google’s Babak Pahlavan, and Gunnard Johnson talked about how measurement moving into 2018 is centrally about “Change Management”: The tools, technology, talent, and translation (into English as well as into meaningful business solutions).


Getting comfortable with change is a crucial element to today’s marketing success. Sticking with the same methodologies in a fast-changing marketplace is antithetical to growth. Using TV measurement tools to gauge mobile performance, for example, is not the way to connect insights accurately with the way consumers—people—are engaging with your media.

Smallwood, Pahlavan, and Johnson each nodded to the importance of transparency, accuracy, and trust in measurement. They all noted that solutions like Media Mix Modeling (MMM) and MTA were valued for the standards maintained by neutral third parties like Neustar, that don’t buy or sell media. That trust is essential where privileged data is concerned.

In the end, all three predicted that 2018 will be the year where leading marketers aspire to “People-Based Measurement,” measuring across devices, platforms, and channels.

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