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August 5th, 2019

Messaging: The Forgotten Channel

When most people hear “Short Message Service (SMS),” they think about the mobile messaging technology created in the early 90s.  With the introduction of chat apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage, Person to Person (P2P) messaging has shifted away from SMS.

So why should you consider using a mature technology that seems to be on its way out as part of your communication strategy?

Because it’s effective. For example:

  • SMS is expected to grow to a $41B market by 2023.
  • Application to Person (A2P) SMS is almost 10 times more popular than chat apps for business communications (19% vs 2%).
  • SMS / Email Messages: 98% of consumers open SMS messages within 3 seconds; 20% of consumers open email messages within 90 minutes

SMS also allows businesses to more widely cover a worldwide customer market, whereas chat app popularity varies depending where in the world you are: in the US and UK, Facebook Messenger is where it’s at; but in Brazil, Germany and South Africa, the choice is WhatsApp. SMS guarantees global coverage, while chat apps have limited audiences.

It’s clear that SMS is here to stay. By 2023, 2.8 trillion messages will be sent by SMS. Even with new advancements such as Rich Communication Services (RCS), SMS will continue to play a key role in communications in the foreseeable future.

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