November 22nd, 2021

6 Reasons to Work for a Company that Seeks Change

If a company isn’t changing, it isn’t growing — and it’s likely on its way to falling behind. To compete in today’s world, organizations must continuously evaluate, update, and, most importantly, pursue new and different ways of doing things. Reacting and adapting to change isn’t enough — we must seek it. That’s what separates a good place to work from a great place to work. And nowhere is this more critical than in the high-tech industry, where lack of change usually equals stagnation and irrelevancy.

Appetite for change means frequent transformation — periods of rapid growth, staffing changes, technology developments, mergers, and acquisitions. While those things may seem scary to you, they’re good. They indicate a passion for improvement and a yearning for more. And they demand strong work cultures, talented employees, and mature systems.

The bottom line? Paving your future at an organization where change is woven into workplace culture is a smart career move. Here’s what you’ll gain:

1. Your path for advancement is clearer.

Where there’s change, there’s opportunity. Companies that seek and embrace change endorse a growth mindset, empowering employees to develop professionally and personally with standardized goal mapping systems in place. At Neustar, our commitment to SMART goals helps teams and employees establish clear objectives and sets you up for success come performance management and compensation time. It takes the guesswork out of the process and puts you in the driver’s seat of your own advancement.

Bottom line: Change requires transparency and encourages everyone in a company to up their game – and it can translate to more opportunities for earnings or promotions.

2. You’ll develop new skill sets.

What’s new is already old for companies who seek change. They’re implementing the latest tools and technology, which means you’re adding new proficiencies to your toolbox every year, and they want you to expand your skillset. At Neustar, trying something new is kind of a rite of passage — our only ask is that you live our value of collaboration so everyone can benefit from what you learn.

Bottom line: If you’re willing to dive in for the experience, you’ll add resume-building skills to your name.

3. You’ll work smarter.

There’s no time for rigidity. If you have an idea for how to cut the fat and get to the finish line faster, chances are you’ll lead the effort. At Neustar, we’re fresh out of red tape. We know there’s no “one” way of doing things, and we’re always looking for new inspiration. If you’re feeling bogged down with process, create a new approach.

Bottom line: Say goodbye to all the layers and levels and say hello to efficiency.

4. Your ideas will matter.

For technology companies like Neustar, innovation requires change. That means new ideas and fresh perspectives are welcomed and admired. Everyone has a seat at the table, no matter your position in the company. It’s innovation, at all times, by everyone.

Bottom line: Your unique skillset, background, and experience can truly make a difference.

5. You’ll learn to fail.

When you’re part of a company with a high-growth strategy, failure is inevitably part of the journey – and that’s a good thing. Innovation at Neustar is both intentional and strategic as well as opportunistic and experimental. That means not all new ideas work out and not all projects go as planned. That’s the beauty of it. If we fail, we fail fast, learn from what didn’t work, and move forward. And we always remember to celebrate our wins.

Bottom line: You’ll discard your fear and learn to see failure as just another opportunity.

6. You’ll get good at adapting.

Working for an organization that embraces change offers the opportunity to fine-tune an all-important soft skill: agility. Pivots become second nature. And your comfort zone grows to include the abstract.

Bottom line: Workplace adaptability will equip you to be a better leader and make you more relevant to the organization.

Growth, change, and transformation are all essential components of a healthy and stable company. Look at them as opportunities — and jump in.

So if you’re convinced all the above sounds right for you, you’re in luck. We’re accelerating toward our next stage of growth and are looking for people like you to steer the way. Check out our open opportunities and apply now!

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