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July 5th, 2018

5 Ways to Effectively Market to College Students

With millions of freshly minted high school graduates getting prepared to head off to college for Fall classes starting in August, the time is now to start marketing to this select group. A 2017 report from the National Research Foundation showed that back-to-school spending by college students projected out to around $54 billion last year, which translates to an average of roughly $970 per family. With college enrollment on a steady increase for the last five years, that number is likely to keep rising.

Some of the main product categories include electronics, financing and credit card offers, clothing, food/snacks, dorm/apartment furnishings, shoes and personal care items. And each category represents billions of dollars in annual sales volume.

So it’s probably safe to say that if you’re a retailer selling products in these categories, you should be allocating some of your marketing budget to targeting this particular demographic. Sure, there’s a lot of data and technology solutions available to help you. But what if you could target consumers coming to your site from certain geographic locations, like, say at a specific college campus, based on their IP address?

The Neustar IP GeoPoint Higher Ed audience can help large retailers zero in on their location to ensure you reach students with special offers, discounts or programs. The database has comprehensive IP geolocation data on over 4,300 two- and four-year universities and colleges all across the U.S.

It’s also important to remember that nearly everyone in this demographic is part of what’s being called Generation Z. They have also been coined as the iGeneration (or iGen), Post-Millennials, or Gen Tech. This group has been using the Internet and mobile devices from a very early age, meaning they are more comfortable with technology and social media than any other generation before them. As a result, when these students decide where to do their shopping, 44% will go online to make their purchase, or respond to a special offer.

So, if you’re an online retailer or financial institution, making sure you get the right message, promotion, discount or school-specific offer presented to the right students on the right campuses all across the nation will go a long way toward stronger engagement and a better ROI for your marketing campaigns.

In a recently published Neustar whitepaper, we take a deep dive into “5 Ways to Win with IP GeoPoint in the Higher Education Market”, giving retailers a playbook, along with best-in-class decisioning data, to drive increased revenue from college and university students and faculty.

Here’s a quick rundown of the “5 Ways to Win” …

1. Verify Eligibility before Offering Student Discount Programs

2. Develop and Deliver Programs Specific to a School or Institution

3. Deliver Premium Streaming Media or Content to Students and Faculty

4. Restrict Access to Special Offers by Specific School or Region

5. Block Access to Offers from Risky IPs or Internet Connections

In the whitepaper, we break down each of the five steps, providing expanded details and several real-world examples of how using Neustar IP GeoPoint for Higher Ed can give you a decided advantage over your competitors when marketing to two-year and four-year college and university students, as well as faculty members. You can download a PDF of the whitepaper here.  

To learn more about Neustar IP GeoPoint, our IP Reputation solution, or the “science” that makes us the authoritative source on IP decisioning data on 99.99%* of all routable IP addresses worldwide, visit our IP Intelligence landing page. You can also sample our free IP Lookup tool to geo-locate a specific IP address or request an IP update.

*Refers to IPv4 addresses only.

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