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TRUSTID is now part of Neustar and is powering the inbound authentication solution.

The customer experience and your operational efficiency depend on what you know about every customer the moment they call in. Often, they call from phone numbers that aren’t in your records. You waste time and money and degrade customer experience if you must re-identify them on each call.

Reduce Call Center Costs

Consumer data is constantly changing; over 35 million phone numbers change every year in the U.S. alone. Your customers are not notifying you of their changes. That’s your problem. You need to identify the caller quickly so you can handle her need as efficiently as possible. That’s where Neustar can help. Reduce your average handle time. Spare your agents from caller identification, one of the most unpleasant parts of their days. Mitigate costly employee turnover due to job dissatisfaction.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

When customers call in, they want help. They don’t want to start the call by identifying themselves again. Greet them with “How can we help?” not “Who are you?” Help your agents serve callers quickly and effectively. Identify each caller before they hear "hello.” If the caller has a high lifetime value but recently complained about a negative experience, direct her to an experienced agent. Contain more calls in the IVR for greater operational efficiency. Reserve your agents for the highest-value and most complex matters.

Increase Fraud-Fighting ROI

Fraudsters can buy customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) on the black market. It’s all for sale due to the spate of data breaches and consumers’ innocent sharing on social media. Account takeovers through the phone channel threaten your brand, as a result. If you can’t distinguish customers from fraudsters, then you greet everyone with the same caution. It’s a tremendous waste of costly fraud-fighting resources. Save them for the few risky callers. Filter out trusted callers first for greater efficiency and effectiveness, and fewer false positives.

Personalize Interactions and Improve Operational Efficiency

Neustar Inbound Authentication solves your challenge with caller identification. Identify each caller instantly using the Neustar OneID® system, match her to your CRM, pull up critical consumer information, and route her call for superior service, while mitigating the risk of fraud. All in milliseconds.


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