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TRUSTID is now part of Neustar and is powering the inbound authentication solution.

Reduce Call Center Costs by 20%

Shave 30-90 seconds and $0.50 off every call. The larger your call center, the more you’ll save.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Start with a helpful greeting, not an identity-interrogation. Win customer loyalty and improve profits in the first minute of every call.

Increase fraud-fighting ROI

Stop investigating trusted callers. Improve your fraud department's ROI and your agent's compliance.


If authenticated by TRUSTID, we allow callers to unlock accounts , transfer funds, get one-time passwords and give us travel abroad notifications.

Senior Vice President , Top 10 US Bank

The Need

Knowledge-based authentication wastes time, money and consumers’ trust.

Fraudsters Target Your Contact Center

Ever since the global phone network connected to the Internet in 2003, criminals have been spoofing phone numbers and impersonating customers. Little has prevented them from taking over accounts and committing fraud for years.

In response, call centers started to challenge callers with knowledge-based authentication (KBA). Simple account questions were enough for a while. No longer. Years of data hacks and consumers divulging private information on social media sites have made KBA obsolete. Private information is now public and no longer sufficient to authenticate an identity.

Increasing the number of questions, along with their complexity and intrusiveness, just frustrates callers. Today, almost half of call center leaders lack confidence that KBA alone can authenticate callers. (Get more industry insight from the most recent State of Call Center Authentication report.)

Lack of Confidence in Knowledge-based Authentication

How confident are you that Knowledge-based authentication alone can accurately authenticate your customer calls?

Knowledge-Based Authentication

Impacts Customer Satisfaction

They’re calling for service. They don’t want to undergo lengthy identity-interrogation or use agents for interactions that should – in their opinion – be available in the IVR.

Degrades Operational Efficiency

Because callers can’t resolve higher-value needs in the IVR, they ‘pound out' to agents, increasing agent handle time and turnover.

Increases Fraud-Fighting Costs

KBA enables account takeover and forces organizations to spend more on technology and staff to contain fraud.

New Threat Vectors

While spoofing calls still exists, criminals have acquired more ways to attack call centers: virtualized calls, number reassignment, and SIM swapping.

Virtualized Calls

Criminals breeze past spoof-detection technologies with virtualized call services such as Skype, phones like Google’s Project Fi, and mobile apps like Burner. These legitimate calls are anonymous, untraceable and a perfect setup for social engineering.

Reassigned Numbers

Criminals exploit lapses in security to convince carrier employees to redirect a consumer’s number to a phone in the criminal’s possession. For hours or even days, the victim’s calls and texts go directly to a phone primed to take over online accounts.


Latest Trends in Call Center Authentication

KBA threatens modern contact centers. The solution is to authenticate callers before they hear "Hello." Watch this webinar to learn how the latest technologies make this possible.

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KBA Frustrates Callers

Instead of taking an opportunity to build loyalty, KBA sends the message "We don't know you and we don't trust you.” It gets worse. Read 10 ways KBA threatens your contact center.

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Authentication Challenges

Four challenges degrade the efficacy of KBA: call spoofing, virtual calls, the decay of CRM data, and coverage. Learn about these challenges increase risk at your contact center, and how you can mitigate them.

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The Path to 100% Automated Authentication

Learn how Bank of America is personalizing the customer experience by securely identifying callers before they hear “Hello,” without compromising security or operational efficiency.

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