Mar 25, 2021

TRUSTID to Continue to Protect its Intellectual Property

TRUSTID to Seek Injunction and Damages in Patent Infringement and False Advertising Lawsuit Against Next Caller Scheduled for Trial in July 

RESTON, Va.—March 25, 2021 --  Neustar, Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, announced today that after a four-day trial, a jury in the Federal District Court of Colorado found that Next Caller had not misappropriated TRUSTID’s (a Neustar company) trade secrets, breached a referral agreement with TRUSTID and intentionally interfered with a TRUSTID’s business relationship.   

TRUSTID has filed two lawsuits against Next Caller to protect its intellectual property and investment in call authentication technology, and to ensure marketplace integrity. In addition to the present lawsuit, TRUSTID has a pending lawsuit against Next Caller in the Federal District Court of Delaware.  In that suit, TRUSTID has alleged that Next Caller is infringing several of its call authentication patents and for false advertising. That case has been delayed due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic and is scheduled for trial in July 2021.

“First, we are deeply grateful to the Judge, Court staff, and jurors for their commitment to enabling this trial to proceed safely during these challenging times. We thank all involved,” said Robert McKay, Senior Vice President Customer Identity and Risk Solutions.  He further noted, “we are disappointed with the Jury’s verdict, but remain committed to protecting our valuable intellectual property. We have made significant investments in caller-authentication services to provide a best-of-breed service to our customers and will not tolerate the theft of our intellectual property. This decision strengthens our ongoing commitment to protecting those investments to fully support our customers and ensure marketplace integrity.”

TRUSTID is positioned well to prevail in the Delaware suit. Most notably, TRUSTID’s asserted patents have withstood Next Caller’s multiple attempts to invalidate them. Additionally, the Court has also denied a summary judgment motion filed by Next Caller that is was not infringing TRUSTID’s patents and did not provide false advertising.

“Regardless of this decision, we will  continue to strongly defend our intellectual property rights,” said Kevin Hughes, Neustar’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel. He added, “we are well-positioned for success in the Delaware action. As I have stated before, we look forward to that trial in which we plan to pursue the maximum damages possible, including trebling of damages for Next Caller’s willful infringement, and seeking a permanent injunction against Next Caller. Finally, like Bob, I too thank the Court and jury for their service in the present case.”

For more information about Neustar and its inbound authentication solutions, visit risk.neustar.

Acquired by Neustar in January 2019, TRUSTID is a leading provider of caller authentication, identity and risk solutions. TRUSTID works with financial institutions and other enterprises to authenticate callers using a caller’s phone as an ownership-based authentication token that puts trusted callers into the fast lane, before their calls are even answered, while assessing the risk of others. TRUSTID’s inbound caller engagement solutions, along with Neustar’s market-leading outbound phone-centric risk solutions, help clients reduce contact center operating costs, improve the customer experience and increase the efficiency of fraud-fighting efforts.

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