Feb 25, 2020

PTAB Confirms Key Claims of Neustar’s Intellectual Property Covering Fundamental Call Authentication Techniques Using Calling Party Number

Decision allows unobstructed path to pursue injunction and damages against Next Caller in Delaware Federal Court
STERLING, Va. – February 25, 2020 –  Neustar, Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, announced that the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) issued a final written decision in an inter partes review (IPR) that confirmed the patentability of claims 8-11, 15,  and 19-21 of TRUSTID, Inc.’s U.S. Patent No.  9,001,985, entitled Method of and System for Discovering and Reporting Trustworthiness and Credibility of Calling Party Number Information, acquired by Neustar in 2019.  The PTAB found that the Petitioner, Next Caller, Inc. had failed to demonstrate that these key claims were unpatentable based on a preponderance of the evidence.  Neustar announced that they would challenge the PTAB’s decision as to other claims that were found unpatentable.

“Neustar is very pleased with the PTAB’s decision,” said Ted Prince, Executive Vice President & President of Neustar’s Analytics Solutions business unit.  “These patents reflect years of research and development that led to innovative solutions that address very challenging issues with restoring trust in calling party number information used to help authenticate callers by call centers. This innovation is recognized by Neustar’s customers who employ our technology to provide improved customer service and generate cost savings while reducing fraud.”

The ’985 Patent is asserted against Next Caller in a pending lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Delaware in which Neustar/TRUSTID alleged false advertising and infringement of three of its patents (U.S. Patent Nos. 9,001,985; 8,238,532; and 9,871,913).  This decision allows for a July 2020 trial to go forward to determine whether Next Caller infringes the ’985 patent and two other TRUSTID patents. 

The present decision marks the second time Next Caller has failed to invalidate the claims of the ’985 patent. Specifically, Next Caller tried and failed to invalidate the claims as being drawn to non-patentable subject matter before the U.S. District Court of Delaware.  Additionally, Next Caller had previously failed to have two IPRs instituted against the ’532 patent, which relates to the ’985 patent, in an effort to invalidate the claims of the ’532 patent. The PTAB also previously declined to review a challenge Next Caller filed against the ’913 patent.  

“This decision, in conjunction with our other enforcement wins, further demonstrates the significant strength of the Neustar’s intellectual property,” said Kevin Hughes, Neustar’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel. “Importantly, the PTAB confirmed the validity of one of the claims asserted against Next Caller in the district court lawsuit, which gives us greater confidence in our pursuit of injunctive and damages remedies. Neustar remains committed to enforcing its rights against companies which willingly infringe our intellectual property.”  

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Acquired by Neustar in January 2019, TRUSTID is a leading provider of caller authentication, identity and risk solutions. TRUSTID works with financial institutions and other enterprises to authenticate callers using a caller’s phone as an ownership-based authentication token that puts trusted callers into the fast lane, before their calls are even answered, while assessing the risk of others. TRUSTID’s inbound caller engagement solutions, along with Neustar’s market-leading outbound phone-centric risk solutions, help clients reduce contact center operating costs, improve the customer experience and increase the efficiency of fraud-fighting efforts.

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