Sep 19, 2018

Neustar expands its cyber-defense mitigation network to Sydney

Neustar, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and leading cloud-based digital performance and defense solutions today announced the launch of its new internet traffic scrubbing centre in Sydney. With the expansion across the APAC region, Australian clients will now have access to enterprise-grade Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Defense solutions, with optional integrated Content Delivery (CDN) capabilities.

The scrubbing centre has been deployed in collaboration with Arbor Networks and Limelight Networks (NASDAQ: LLNW) to deliver the largest, most distributed and technically advanced cloud-based cyber-defense and content delivery network worldwide. The Sydney node provides unparalleled capacity in the region, underpinned by the best mitigation technology available in market, and over 15 years of cyber-security experience.

“Our new state-of-the-art Sydney scrubbing centre demonstrates our commitment to offering our clients the capacity and technology needed to mitigate web application and DDoS attacks that are now a regular part of the cyber threat landscape,” said Shailesh Shukla, General Manager of Digital Defense and Performance solutions, Neustar. “Sydney was strategically selected to maximise protection against global attack traffic, containing private traffic within Australia, and mitigating attacks close to the origin, while preventing internet saturation.”

The Sydney node strengthens the Neustar DDoS scrubbing capacity which is currently at 10Tbps worldwide. With the new scrubbing centre, clients in Australia have access to complete end-to-end protection and acceleration, offering WAF, DDoS Mitigation and CDN solutions.

Rodney Joffe, Neustar Senior Vice President, Fellow and National Security Executive commented, “DDoS attacks are increasing in size and sophistication, and this means we need to continually increase capacity to ensure our customers’ critical data and services are safeguarded. Australian organisations need to be secure in the knowledge that their business will not be disrupted by malicious attacks, similar to the massive Memcached amplification attack which impacted thousands of businesses across the world in February this year.”

Neustar SiteProtect NG, a cloud-based DDoS mitigation network, breaks with the tradition of designing network protection that makes use of a high volume of small scrubbing centres. Instead, the SiteProtect NG network includes large, full scale nodes, each with massive scrubbing capacity. These centres are strategically positioned throughout the world’s internet backbone to provide unequalled protection from the attacks of tomorrow.

About Neustar Security Solutions

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