Mar 14, 2018

Neustar and SmarterTravel Launch First In-Market Travel Audiences

Partnership will help advertisers reach customers during key planning and booking phases of the travel purchase cycle

Neustar®, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and SmarterTravel®, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor®, today announced the launch of SmarterTravel Audiences, powered by Neustar AdAdvisor®. These audiences are constructed from SmarterTravel’s network of 11 owned and operated travel websites and offer real in-market intent signals at scale, without relying on lookalike modeling or other proxies.

The Neustar AdAdvisor solution is the first to offer audiences created exclusively from SmarterTravel data, comprised of over 200 million monthly visitors to the SmarterTravel network and based on the last 30 days of travel intent signals. These SmarterTravel Audiences are unique because they consist of travelers who are actively searching online to book hotel accommodations and/or flights. Research shows that the typical purchase cycle for travel is 30 days in duration or less, thus validating this data set as a precise and powerful choice for advertisers.

“Neustar is a trusted industry expert that provides highly accurate and actionable identity to help marketers create a unified view of the consumer journey. Our partnership makes people-based marketing possible and provides marketers with access to granular travel data about a consumer’s path to purchase,” shared Eric Bosco, Vice President of Business and Technology, SmarterTravel.

The SmarterTravel Audiences are available across Neustar’s partner ecosystem, including DSPs, DMPs, addressable TV, OTT, social platforms and mobile DSPs. With this partnership, advertisers can target consumers based on where they are in the trip planning cycle and for what they are specifically searching. For example, a leading hotel or airline advertiser could build campaigns through the Neustar IDMP to reach consumers based on their search destination (e.g. continent or country), the type of travel (e.g. flight, hotel, cruise or car), or by stage of the travel planning and booking lifecycle.

“Travel marketers are constantly looking for smarter ways to engage with customers and prospects especially as consumers move across mobile and desktop to search for the best travel deals. But they were doing so with stale, outdated data, resulting in poor customer experiences. By partnering with SmarterTravel, we are marrying fresh intent signals like travel destination and brand affinity with the ability to resolve identity across devices, all at scale. This is a seismic shift for the travel industry and I am certain that these are some of the most valuable audiences in the market,” said Kristin Rosmorduc, Vice President, Travel and Hospitality, Neustar.

Neustar AdAdvisor provides audience insights that increase digital advertising relevancy, fueled by the most authoritative consumer information available. These audiences not only enable accurate targeting based on ZIP code, age and gender, but also on a wide range of attributes, including brand preferences, product affinities, and psychographic variables. These audiences are available within over 60 platform partnerships that Neustar enables across the digital marketplace, or internally, within the Neustar Identity Data Management Platform. Available AdAdvisor audiences include: AdAdvisor Consumer Audiences, AdAdvisor Financial Audiences, AdAdvisor Political Audiences, AdAdvisor Mobile Audiences, J.D. Power Automotive Audiences Powered by Neustar, HealthLink Dimensions Doctor Data Powered by Neustar, comScore TV Audiences Powered by Neustar and now SmarterTravel Audiences Powered by Neustar.

About Neustar

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