Sep 18, 2018

Neustar Launches New Outbound Dialing Solution to Transform Contact Center Operations

Enhances CRM records, prevents outbound calls from being blocked or mislabeled as spam and optimizes calling strategies

Neustar®, Inc., the leading trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced that it has released a brand new Outbound Dialing solution, aimed at optimizing and de-risking outbound dialing. One of the first comprehensive solutions of its kind brings together Neustar’s Operational Intelligence, Compliance Intelligence, Fraud Intelligence, and Branded Contact Management capabilities to dramatically improve right-party contact (RPC) rates and mitigate fraud and compliance risks.

Businesses are awash with customer data, yet right-party contact rates hover at a dismal 3 percent. The fact that about 88 percent of business calls go unanswered creates a major problem for contact centers that are trying to reach their customers with critical communications. The following industry-wide challenges continue to exacerbate the situation:

  • Constantly shifting nature of consumer identifiers: On average, 60 percent of a CRM database is out-of-date after only two years.
  • Lack of useful phone behavior intelligence: Validating and verifying phone ownership, and understanding best phone number to use and best time to call are critical for attaining higher RPC rates and revenue-per-dial KPIs.
  • The inconsistent call experience: Call blocking, mislabeling and inaccurate caller ID display has resulted in a breakdown of consumer trust.

The Neustar Outbound Dialing solution is unlike any offering currently available to contact centers because it employs Neustar’s unique relationships with phone carriers and its Neustar OneID® identity management system. Neustar services over 90 percent of U.S. caller ID and contact centers can now use this unique phone intelligence to confidently optimize and de-risk outbound dialing by filling in CRM gaps, mitigating call blocking and mislabeling, and identifying potential consumer phone fraud. In addition, through phone behavior intelligence, contact centers can optimize their call strategies with data that shows “best number to use” and “best time/day to call.” The addition of caller name optimization and branded call display provides contact centers with an added advantage as it seeks to ensure that calls are not blocked or errantly labeled as spam, and clearly displays the correctly branded caller ID to improve the odds of calls being answered.

“Neustar’s unique authoritative identity and relationships with the telecommunication industry enables us to dramatically increase right-party contact rates and revenue-per-dial for our clients,” said Robert McKay, General Manager, Risk Solutions, Neustar. “We’ve developed this solution to solve an increasingly burdensome problem for the industry and restore customer trust to a level that is mutually beneficial for all. As the 2018 SIAA CODiE award winner for the Best Customer Relationship Management solution, we are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses by delivering exceptional end-to-end customer experiences.”

Neustar recently worked with a major financial services company delivering 60 million collections calls per month to help it increase its right-party contact rates and reduce its risk of TCPA violations. By using Neustar’s customer record enhancement and phone behavior intelligence, the financial services company was able to create new call strategies that centered on “when to dial” and “which number to call.” The results were staggering – 16 percent fewer dials, a 9 percent increase in the right-party contact rate and an 18 percent increase in “promise to pay.”

Join our expert panel “Know your Customer” at PACE (Professional Association for Customer Engagement) with James Garvert, General Manager, Caller Identity Solutions on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 from 9:00 AM until 10:00 AM EDT. For more information about how to optimize outbound dialing operations, download our brochure here.

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