Aug 9, 2018

North American Numbering Plan Administrator Announces Plan for Additional Area Code in South Carolina

839” Overlay Code Assigned to the Central Area of South Carolina

August 9, 2018 STERLING, Va. – Neustar, Inc., serving in its capacity as the FCC’s North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA), announced today that an additional area code, 839, has been assigned to overlay the existing 803 area code that serves the central area of South Carolina, which includes Columbia, the state capital.

The South Carolina Public Service Commission has approved an area code overlay to ensure the availability of telephone numbering resources in a manner that is most efficient and least confusing for consumers, while minimizing possible disruption to consumers and businesses. The new 839 will cover the same geographic area as the 803 area code. All existing customers will retain the 803 area code and will not need to change their telephone numbers. Ten-digit dialing will be required by all customers in the area covered by 803/839. 

For more information on the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, visit here. For more information about area code relief planning, visit here.

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