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Apr 5, 2017

Catalina Labs Integrates Neustar IP Intelligence for Superior Customer Satisfaction

Human-friendly WiFi Connectivity Trouble-Solving App Utilizes Accurate Location Data to Identify Automatically Internet Service Providers for a Seamless User Experience

April 5, 2017STERLING, Va. – Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced Catalina Labs has implemented Neustar IP Intelligence to deliver accurate geo-location and Internet Service Provider (ISP) information to Wixi, its wireless connectivity app. Wixi utilizes this information to detect automatically the ISPs of its users, providing a seamless and hassle-free user experience.

“Catalina Labs needs to ensure the accuracy of its location data to ensure a seamless user experience and overall customer satisfaction,” said Rahul Belur, Data Scientist, Catalina Labs. “The importance of accurate IP information cannot be understated and Neustar IP Intelligence provides the most reliable service possible.”

Catalina Labs’ Wixi is a human-friendly WiFi connectivity trouble-solving solution. Wixi empowers users to take control of their wireless networks by scanning their WiFi network and connected devices to identify and resolve WiFi connectivity problems. Wixi eliminates the need to call ISP customer support by providing immediate assistance to its users, while simultaneously alerting the ISP to connectivity issues in affected areas. 

Neustar IP Intelligence securely provides Wixi accurate location data for its users without providing specific data that may impinge their privacy. IP Intelligence delivers highly-accurate IP-to-location data that can be granularly configured to provide refined results, such as which ISPs are available for a user to connect to the Internet.

“The importance of accurate geo-location data can be easily recognized from an abundance of localized services, from navigation apps to search engines,” said James Willett, Vice President, Product Management, Neustar. “Catalina Labs has not only recognized the importance of geo-location data with its unique WiFi trouble-solving app, but has also realized Neustar IP Intelligence can provide this data seamlessly.”

In addition to providing a seamless user experience, the Catalina Labs implementation of Neustar IP Intelligence also enables Wixi users to compare their WiFi performance in surrounding areas, as well as providing valuable performance insight to Catalina Labs’ ISP partners.

“IP geolocation is a foundational pillar of our product and will remain a key differentiator as we expand our product line,” said Belur.

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For more information about Catalina Labs’ Wixi, please visit wixi.ai

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Catalina Labs is making an interconnected world, uninterrupted. Its solutions simplify human-machine interactions to create tangible benefits with a superior experience. The flagship offering, the Wixi app and Wixi.Expert, are pioneered with bleeding edge engineering and visionary innovation.