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Sep 25, 2017

Simulmedia Partners With Neustar to Provide Independent Verification of TV Campaigns

Connects Linear TV Viewership to Actual Sales

Simulmedia, the leader in data optimized national TV campaigns that deliver superior performance for major brands, today announced it has expanded its partnership with Neustar, a global leader in trusted identity resolution solutions. Neustar’s MarketShare will independently verify the results of Simulmedia TV campaigns to give advertisers an accurate measure of the ads impact on sales. Simulmedia clients will receive Neustar's neutral, independent validation of improved performance to verify the Simulmedia guarantee of superior ROI for TV campaigns that it recommends.

"As the marketing world turns away from exposure as a KPI and towards the impact ads have on actual sales, there must be independent verification of the sales conversion lift attributable to national TV commercials and the ROI they generate for brands," says Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia. "By partnering with a measurement and identity leader like Neustar MarketShare, we are ensuring our clients get proof of the performance they are paying for.

"This is truly revolutionary in that it is the first true tactical conversion lift measurement from an independent third party ever applied to national TV advertising," adds Mr. Morgan. "It took more than a year to plan and build."

Designed to give marketers a clear and transparent read on a campaign’s impact, the independent reporting provided by Neustar MarketShare will analyze relevant transaction and TV ad exposure data. Neustar MarketShare’s analytical approaches have been refined over many years of experience in digital attribution and marketing mix modeling and include behavioral and demographic propensity controls to account for existing customer intent. These advanced analytical approaches isolate the true incremental lift driven by television advertising.

"The report relies on logistical regression modeling and machine learning algorithms to isolate TV advertising campaign impact at the individual household level. It considers a multitude of other factors, such as households' demographics and purchasing or viewing histories," says Mr. Morgan.

In a study verified by Neustar MarketShare’s independent model, a large national retailer showed that Simulmedia’s schedule, which targeted an audience based on a match of the retailer’s own CRM data to Simulmedia’s viewing panel, delivered a 20 percent higher ROI than the campaign average and showed an improvement in the performance of retailer’s base schedule.

“With today’s explosion of targeting data and TV programming choices, marketers need to make daily complex decisions on how to connect marketing to sales,” says Ted Prince, Senior Vice President, Marketing Solutions, Neustar. “Our partnership will provide independent attribution of linear television advertising and its impact on marketing ROI. Together, Simulmedia and Neustar have advanced measurement by providing brands with an accurate picture of how their marketing investments are driving in-store and digital sales. Neustar MarketShare advanced analytics offering gives marketers a better understanding of how their marketing investments with Simulmedia are affecting business results and will help brands and agencies not only optimize their TV advertising spend, but make decisions that drive more profitable sales."