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Oct 24, 2017

Neustar and J.D. Power Partner to Offer Best-in-Class Automotive Audiences for Precision Marketing

Two formidable leaders combine strengths to power industry-leading automotive segments

​​Neustar, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced that it is partnering with J.D. Power, the global leader in consumer insights and data and analytics, to offer a new advanced automotive audiences solution. The new solution will combine Neustar’s trusted identity with J.D. Power’s real-time Power Information Network (PIN) to help brands and agencies deliver hyper-personalized and relevant messages to automotive consumers and prospects. 

Coming together for the first time, J.D. Power and Neustar have established a one-of-a-kind automotive marketing solution that provides advertisers with greater precision, quality and reach when delivering connected customer experiences to real audiences across multiple channels and screens. Neustar offers one of the leading digital audiences solutions with more than 20,000 audiences available in its AdAdvisor Audiences®. Together with J.D. Power’s audience seeds, a unique set of valuable automotive data, this partnership sets a new standard for automotive audiences. J.D. Power collects real-time automotive data from more than 14,000 dealerships, giving advertisers unparalleled access to automotive data that allows them to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time along the path to purchase.

“The standards for audience data are highly variable across the industry. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in automotive, where the cost of using stale, outdated data means waiting for years before the buyer is back in market,” said Julie Fleischer, Vice President, Marketing Solutions, Neustar. “Most data providers start with limited data and limitless assumptions, creating audience segments that may be flawed, inaccurate, and out-of-date. By partnering with J. D. Power, we are setting a new standard for what actionable, verified, fresh automotive audiences should look like. When you only get one chance at selling to a customer every four or more years, you shouldn’t have to rely on trial and error to identify and serve your target. Better data sells more cars.”

J.D. Power captures same-day automotive sales data from more than 14,000 dealerships, receives over 1 billion purchase data points including information on incentive buyers, finance method, decision makers and leasing terms. Combining J.D. Power’s sales data precision, real-time data access, scale, true matching capabilities and sheer volume of purchase information with Neustar’s unmatched identity mapping capabilities using its OneID® system, gives advertisers best-in-class actionable audiences for targeting across offline and online channels, including mobile, OTT and addressable TV.

“Our industry has long needed an automotive audience standard that is founded on rich, real-time, constantly updated and quality assured data,” said Bernardo Rodriguez, Chief Digital Officer, J.D. Power. “Combining Neustar’s trusted identity with audience seeds from our robust Power Information Network gives advertisers a dependable way to build audience segments without any data gaps and extra cost.”

The partnership is rooted in Neustar’s authoritative OneID system, which is responsible for collecting, corroborating, and validating consumer and business identities, provides advertisers with the highest possible quality match rates and reach across all marketing channels, both online and offline. While most vendors typically only incorporate online behaviors to understand a consumer, reducing scale, Neustar’s unique approach consists of taking offline data sources and combining them with online behavior to create a comprehensive view of the customer.

Neustar will be hosting a panel at the Automotive Marketing Roundtable (AMR), the leading automotive marketing event, on October 24-25 in Las Vegas. Hear more about our partnership from Julie Fleischer as we discuss the state and trends of data quality and audiences in automotive.