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Jan 30, 2015

Neustar’s PlatformOne Provides Non-Intuitive Insights to Better Identify Customers

Sunday's Battle of the Brands: Knowing Your Customers Matters

Sunday's big game is the most watched sporting event of the year, and big brands have spent $2.91 billion in advertising to reach fans over the past decade.

Now over 75 percent of advertisers release their content prior to game day to maximize their footprint, and over 50 percent of fans watch those ads before the big day. Brands used to focus on creative to make that expensive 30-second spot really sticky for consumers. Now the focus is on an integrated strategy that begins weeks prior and actually ends on Monday when fans vote on the best ad.

But who exactly are these fans and which brands battle for their bucks? Non-intuitive insights about a consumer’s drink, hobby, music, sport and TV show preferences can make the winning play for an advertiser.

Meet the Fans

The largest football sporting event of the year attracted 111.5 million viewers last year. Here’s a breakdown of the brands with the most anticipated ads at the big game and surprising, non-intuitive attributes about their fans, brought to you by Neustar’s PlatformOne.

In the snack category, Doritos® fans battle Skittles® fans:

Doritos® Fans

15% drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade®                                        
20% shop antiques                                                                
12% listen to country music
36% own a basketball
24% watch “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS®

Skittles® Fans

13% drink Captain Morgan Rum®
39% go to museums
10% listen to children’s music
21% hunt
11% watch “New Girl” on FOX®

In the drinks category, Bud Light® fans battle Coke® fans:

Bud Light® Fans

49% drink Budweiser ® (in addition to Bud Light®)
53% play board games
25% listen to hard rock
13% practice target shooting
14% watch “Once Upon a Time” on ABC®

Coke® Fans

14% drink Smirnoff®
35% visit zoos
14% listen to hip hop
20% play football
20% watch “Family Guy” on FOX®

Identity Matters

Relying merely on intuition as to how to connect your brand to consumers around the big game is no longer an option. Brands and advertisers are getting more and more sophisticated in how they increase awareness and drive behavior—before, during, and after the game. By using non-intuitive insights to connect with their consumers, savvy marketers can target with more impact and drive conversions throughout all their marketing channels.

Neustar’s identity data and insights – continuously updated on 100’s of millions of U.S. households—helps brands and marketers understand their audiences better.

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