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Feb 20, 2015

Neustar Report Reveals Major Trends in Audience Targeting

Improved Audience Targeting Can Lead to Dramatic Increases in Performance

San Franciso, CA -- February 20, 2015 -- In the age of digital marketing, sharing the right message with the right person at the right time is critical to cementing consumer relationships and driving sales.

Neustar, a real-time cloud-based provider of information services and analytics, found that leveraging a brand’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data to target new audiences showed a 39x improvement in conversion for a selected client in the telecommunications industry. In 2015, Neustar predicts that overlaying CRM data with authoritative insights will be crucial in understanding potential buyers, targeting them on- and off-line, and identifying which customers are more likely to buy.

Neustar’s PlatformOne leverages data from over 4 billion consumer transactions every day, cross referenced against 16,000 online and offline attributes with anonymized data from 220 million U.S. adults across 120 million households. Empowered with this sheer volume of data, the platform creates the potential for more personalized conversations for marketers.

Neustar identified five key insights that will drive audience targeting in 2015:

1)    Connect your CRM data. Don’t just collect it and keep it in silos.
2)    Invest more in mobile. Mobile targeting and ROI are looking better than ever.
3)    Personalize. It’s the big pay-off of all that data and analysis.
4)    Measure, measure, measure. Know what works and double down.
5)    Be up front about privacy. Consider the other side of targeting.

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