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Jun 3, 2015

Neustar Finds Buying Behavior Insights About Millennial Graduates

Data Reveals Millennial Graduates are More Likely to Purchase Hardcover Books and Expect to Be Homeowners Soon  

Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and analytics, today published several non-intuitive insights about Millennial graduates, who now account for roughly one-third of the country’s population. June is high season for graduations and prime time for hiring the newly independent generation. Neustar’s integrated marketing solution – PlatformOne™ – provides marketers with the most accurate and complete data to engage with consumers and millennials, in particular.

Millennial grads are a complex group of consumers that fascinate and surprise marketers with their interests, behaviors and purchasing patterns. Neustar uncovered a few unexpected insights about recent millennial graduates and their preferences.

For example, 39 percent of millennial grads purchased a hardcover book and 7 percent purchased an audiobook over the last 12 months. Further data shows millennial grads are 10 percent more likely than the average U.S. household to purchase a hardcover book. Interestingly, 48 percent recently shopped at Home Depot® and 13 percent expect to buy their first home in the next year. In addition, millennial grads are 2 times more likely than the average U.S. household to purchase a first home over the next 12 months.

Intriguingly, 64 percent of millennial graduates shopped at Target® in the last 3 months and 15 percent selected Patron® as their tequila brand of choice. Neustar’s non-intuitive insights about millennial graduates provide marketers with opportunities to cross-sell their products and optimize their advertising messages to resonate with this enigma generation.

“By 2017, Millennials are estimated to have more buying power than any other generation. They are a fiercely brand loyal generation and expect consistent and instant cross-channel and cross-platform experiences,” said Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO, Neustar. “As marketers, we look to this generation to inspire and shape our strategy and challenge how we interact, and delight these consumers,” she adds.   

As brands go beyond assumptions about their target audience and begin to embrace varying consumer behaviors, they are able to build more relevant conversations with their customers and prospects. Neustar’s PlatformOne™ provides marketers with a single, unbiased and accurate view of the consumer to help them engage more effectively with their audiences.

View the entire millennial grads infographic here and learn more about Neustar’s PlatformOne marketing solution. 

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