Mar 3, 2015

Neustar Announces Automated Decisioning Tool at LeadsCon Performance Marketing Conference

Newest Addition to Lead Intelligence Portfolio Integrates Rule-based Operational Intelligence

March 3, 2015 LAS VEGAS, NV. Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services and data analytics, today announced the launch of Lead Decisioning at the annual LeadsCon Performance Marketing Conference. Lead Decisioning is the latest addition to Neustar’s Lead Intelligence portfolio, which enables businesses to improve lead management by integrating rule-based decisioning and automation strategies.

Neustar’s Lead Intelligence solution combines lead verification, identification, and scoring into one powerful offering with the ability to automate the workflow at every lead interaction point. 

Digital Global Services (DGS), a Neustar customer that is an online customer acquisition and lead-generation company for the telecommunications and education sectors, credits Neustar’s Lead Intelligence with providing more accurate and valuable leads, as well as more insightful media spend.

“A unique aspect of our relationship with Neustar is the responsiveness of their team and their savviness when it comes to analyzing the data or implementing different services,” said Michael Darwal, CMO of Digital Global Services. “Their willingness to support and be an advocate for us to our clients has been a huge benefit for us, helping us grow our business.”

Additionally, Neustar’s Lead Intelligence solution enables businesses to:

  • Verify real-time lead information using Neustar’s authoritative data
  • Identify customer and prospect data using an API-based technology to ensure they have a complete portrait of their audience
  • Score leads to focus on those with a higher propensity to buy

“In today’s rapidly-changing world, having accurate lead data is a necessity,” said Rob Gatto, Senior Vice President of Sales at Neustar. “With Lead Decisioning, we’ve leveraged Neustar’s authoritative data and marketing capabilities and introduced a powerful tool that enables companies to expedite the sales cycle and increase their profitability by focusing on their best leads.”

For more information on the Neustar Lead Intelligence solution, visit neustar.biz.

View the Digital Global Services video.

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Neustar, Inc. (NYSE:NSR) is the first real-time provider of cloud-based information services and data analytics, enabling marketing and IT security professionals to promote and protect their businesses. With a commitment to privacy and neutrality, Neustar operates complex data registries and uses its expertise to deliver actionable, data-driven insights that help clients make high-value business decisions in real time, one customer interaction at a time. More information is available at www.neustar.biz.