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Aug 13, 2015

Is Your Marketing Strategy Effective? Free Marketing Optimization App From MarketShare Provides Answers

Online Tool Offers Custom Report in Minutes

Los Angeles, August 13, 2015 - MarketShare, the global leader in advanced marketing analytics software for enterprise, has launched a free online app to help marketers quickly evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of their marketing programs.

MarketShare SpendCheck – available on the MarketShare website – shows marketers how they compare to industry standards and includes a snapshot view of how to optimize investments across online and offline media channels such as TV, paid search, digital display, online video, radio, print and others. With SpendCheck, enterprise down to midsize marketers and their agency partners can get fast, directional answers to one of the most vexing question in business: How effective is my marketing plan?

SpendCheck, which provides customized results across all major verticals, quickly calculates the bottom-line impact brands will likely achieve by implementing MarketShare recommended changes. It is powered by the same MarketShare DecisionCloud™ platform used by many of the world’s leading brands. It delivers marketing decision insights based on patented algorithms analyzing data from sources such as Crimson Hexagon, Moody’s, Rentrak and others.

As marketers face increasing pressure to demonstrate effectiveness they are constantly testing and re-evaluating strategies to get the most out of every marketing dollar. SpendCheck is a simple way for brands to see how their allocations – both current and proposed – compare to others in their industry; where they may be under- or over-invested; and how changes might impact revenue.

Registrants receive a free, customized SnapShot Report that includes high-level marketing investment analysis, recommended changes and potential contributions to revenue. The report is generated on the spot and can be downloaded or viewed online. For marketers who want to upload their own data into the platform, MarketShare offers an enterprise-grade solution for them.

“SpendCheck is a quick and easy way for marketers to cut through the noise and start quantifying their marketing efforts in terms of financial outcomes and effectiveness,” says Wes Nichols, Co-Founder and CEO of MarketShare. “It’s a terrific first step toward adopting a more data-driven mindset for any marketing organization.”
To get your own customized report visit SpendCheck.net from any device.


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MarketShare helps marketers grow revenue. Combining advanced analytics technology, scientific leadership and deep domain expertise, MarketShare enables large companies to measure, predict and dramatically improve Marketing's impact on revenue—typically generating a 20%-30% improvement in marketing effectiveness and 3%-4% revenue increase, yielding a 3x-50x first-year ROI. Widely considered the market leader, MarketShare helps direct tens of billions of marketing investment dollars globally. Visit www.marketshare.com.

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