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Dec 18, 2013

New MarketShare Analysis Reveals Twitter Impact on TV Ads

Study Goals and Findings
MarketShare’s analysis aimed specifically to measure the impact of Twitter paid products – promoted tweets, accounts and trends – on driving subscriber growth for mobile carriers in the UK. Results shed light on Twitter’s role in driving new mobile subscribers, the role of marketing spend in stimulating Twitter engagement and increasing sales, and how Twitter advertising affects TV ad performance.

Results indicate an “amplification” effect from Twitter promotions that helped mobile carriers improve ROI on their television ad spending. Paid Twitter programs also drove increases in other business outcomes for UK mobile carriers, including positive user commentary about marketing campaigns and branded search volume.

The study showed that Twitter paid advertising at a relatively small amount of spend – about 1.5% of total budgets on average – produced 9.5% of marketing’s overall contribution to sales. By comparison, online display ads consumed 5.1% of ad spending and delivered 5.5% of results. Print spending, meanwhile, was 31.7% of the total, while delivering 34.5% of the results.

MarketShare also measured how “share of voice” in the world of Twitter conversations (tweets; re-tweets, mentions, etc.) contributed to a lift in sales for UK mobile service providers. The study established that a simulated 10% increase in positive share of voice for service produces a 0.5% lift in sales. Likewise, a 30% boost in positive service-related conversations would lift sales 1.5% percent.

As marketing complexity continues to expand, big brands are seeking new insights into how marketing channels interact, and how best to allocate marketing dollars. Now, with the help of MarketShare’s advanced marketing analytics expertise, Twitter has quantified the financial impact of paid advertising on its platform with true return-on-investment (ROI) metrics that help brands make more informed marketing choices. Future analysis will further explore the interplay between Twitter, TV and other marketing channels across more categories and geographies.

About MarketShare
MarketShare is an analytics company that enables businesses to grow efficiently by uncovering which actions really drive results. Founded in 2005, MarketShare has a track record of groundbreaking innovations in data, modeling and software, and has worked with over half of the Fortune 50. MarketShare's platform provides a combination of technology, data, modeling and business intelligence solutions that lead to improved decision making, next-generation attribution and optimization for businesses. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Tokyo and Bangalore. 

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