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Apr 24, 2013

Neustar AdAdvisor Enables Marketers to Measure Digital Marketing Campaign Success

New Solution Helps Attribute Actual Leads, Sales and Conversions

STERLING, Va. –  Neustar, a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analysis, today announced the release of Campaign Conversion Insights (CCI), a Neustar AdAdvisor service that allows marketers to measure the performance of digital ad campaigns based on conversion, leads and sales.

As marketing budgets continue to shift from offline to online, it’s becoming increasingly important for marketers to be able to quantify and measure the success of their online digital campaigns.  However, the reality is that marketers are often left without solutions to accurately capture the effectiveness of campaigns and provide insight about the online channels that drive the most value and conversion. With CCI, marketers can close the loop and measure the success of campaigns by crediting media, leads, sales and conversions accurately to individual campaigns that users are exposed to in digital media.

“Marketers today are faced with a major challenge:  limited marketing dollars and various channels to reach consumers. It’s hard for brands to be effective if they can’t get an accurate depiction of the channels and tactics that drive conversion,” said Dennis Ainge, Senior Vice President, Information Services, Neustar. “CCI is bridging the gap between where dollars are spent and where leads are generated.”

How Neustar Campaign Conversion Insights works:

  1. The marketer runs online display campaign through media platform(s) of choice
  2. Platform executes online display ad campaigns and gathers non-identifying information about members of the “exposed” consumer audience
  3. Marketer or offline partners supply household-level, SKU-level sales data related to the campaign time period
  4. AdAdvisor de-identifies partner-provided data, which is compared with ad delivery data to provide a privacy-friendly matching between the offline or online action, purchase, or conversion and online ad exposure information
  5. AdAdvisor delivers in-depth analytics with CCI reporting providing insights into online campaigns

“It can feel like an uphill battle, but when marketers do demonstrate the value of digital media buying to their organization through tangible results, they are rewarded — with improved campaign performance, increased marketing budgets, and increased internal visibility for interactive marketing,” wrote Joanna O’Connell in a December 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. report, Measurement Is A Digital Media Buyer’s Best Friend. “And in the world of the always addressable customer, where ubiquitously connected consumers have increasingly high expectations of the brands with which they interact, the imperative to make measurement smarter — and thus buy and optimize media and messaging more effectively — is no longer just a nice-to-have; it's a business imperative.”

Neustar AdAdvisor offers a suite of data insights and analytics solutions that allow marketers to easily identify and target audiences at scale. By leveraging Neustar AdAdvisor’s comprehensive database of consumer insights at the household level, marketers can reach audiences most likely to purchase and use specific brands, products and services. This results in higher return on ad spend, fewer wasted ad impressions and smarter media planning.

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