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Neustar Launches Digital Literacy and Responsibility Program for Virginia Schools

Jan 19, 2012


Sterling, VA – January 19, 2012  – Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analysis to the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, advertising and marketing industries, today announced a major new initiative to bring  an online, in-school digital literacy and responsibility program, called My Digital Life , to students across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Neustar is working with EverFi, Inc., a leading education technology company, to provide this innovative  experience to all Virginia schools interested in teaching and certifying their students in digital literacy and responsibility skills. Most importantly, Neustar’s sponsorship allows the cutting-edge program to be made available free of cost to every school in the state.

The My Digital Life  launch event, held in Richmond at the Virginia Capitol Building, included remarks by Governor Robert McDonnell, Senator Mark Warner, Virginia Secretary of Education Laura Fornash, and Henrico County Superintendent Patrick Russo, Neustar President and CEO Lisa Hook and EverFi Chief Executive Officer Tom Davidson.

 "At Neustar we are passionate about STEM education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - and what it means for our country’s future,” said Lisa Hook, president and CEO, Neustar. “My Digital Life  is our commitment to the communities where our employees live and work. It ensures that our future leaders – our kids - will be tech savvy, responsible citizens who understand how to use technology to build their careers.”

“Technology and the individualized tools it provides can fundamentally and positively change education,” said Governor Bob McDonnell. “This partnership with Neustar has the potential to give Virginia students a better understanding of how that technology works and the risks and rewards it can bring to our lives.”

My Digital Life  takes students through a variety of different situations and provides tools to teach them how to evaluate the risks of posting their personal information online, how to respond to cyberbullying, and the obvious dangers of texting and driving,” Senator Mark Warner said. “Our kids are living their lives on-line, and this is a great new partnership to try to make sure that young people learn how to use the Internet and social media tools in a safer, more positive and responsible way.”

“Technology is a part of our students’ lives - the Internet, text messages, streaming music, opinion blogs, finding jobs online, and social networking,” said Secretary of Education Laura Fornash. “We have an obligation to ensure each of our students not only uses the technology, but leverages it responsibly. The partnership with Neustar and EverFi is an example of how we can begin to ensure every student across the Commonwealth has access to this important content.” 

“The average teen today sends over 3,000 text messages a month,” said Tom Davidson, EverFi Chief Executive Officer. “They are digital natives. We are committed to ensuring they understand this technology, and use it safely and responsibly. Through this innovative partnership with Neustar, we look forward to working with teachers and students across Virginia.

Developed by EverFi,  the My Digital Life  is an interactive, new-media learning platform that combines the power of cutting-edge instructional design, rich media, and gaming to educate teens and empower them to leverage technology safely and effectively. The 3.5-hour curriculum is designed for students in 8th  – 9th  grade and aligns with National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) established by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), as well as emerging state standards. The program covers a wide range of topics including privacy, security, cyberbullying, and digital relationships. The curriculum also focuses on building specific digital skills, such as creating a blog, maintaining a responsible social network, and evaluating online research sources.  The learning platform tracks knowledge gain as well as students’ attitudes and behaviors on these important issues. 

Additionally, Neustar launched the My Digital Life program in Kentucky on January 9th .

About Neustar, Inc.

Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR) is a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information and analysis to the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, advertising and marketing industries throughout the world. Neustar applies its advanced, secure technologies in routing, addressing and authentication to its customers’ data to help them identify new revenue opportunities, network efficiencies, cybersecurity and fraud protection measures. More information is available

About EverFi, Inc.

EverFi, Inc. is the leading education technology company to teach, assess, and certify students in critical skills.  EverFi’s education learning platforms include Financial Literacy, Student Loan Management, Digital Literacy, Cyberbullying, Alcohol Abuse and Sexual Assault Awareness. The company is powering a national movement in 50 states that enables students to learn using the latest technology, including adaptive pathing, rich media, high-definition video, simulations, and avatars.  EverFi has nine published studies documenting the efficacy of several of our education learning platforms.  The company teams with major corporations and foundations to provide the programs at no cost to schools.  Learn more at

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