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Apr 1, 2012

MarketShare Releases Global Version of MarketShare Planner

Rather than relying on survey-based solutions, Planner™ uses real-world consumer behavior, resulting in better allocation recommendations. With increased data sets for global brands, more granular insights, faster performance, as well as state-of-the-art security, reliability and a more intuitive user interface, MarketShare Planner™ makes it easier than ever for agencies to provide their clients with highly accurate media allocation insights and recommendations in near real-time.

MarketShare Planner™ is utilized by marketing agencies to provide advanced analytics for the planning, budgeting and allocation of media decisions. Planner™ also helps drive advanced insights into cross- media and cross-channel attribution.

With this new release of Planner™, clients can continue to use their historical revenue and media spend, combined with their customer targeting and brand attributes, to get media mix and spend recommendations algorithmically driven from a large dataset of marketing insights. The product has moved to a cloud-based architecture that provides increased performance, state-of-the-art-security and reliability, as well as greater global accessibility through desktops and mobile devices.

“We are excited to use MarketShare’s Planner tool. The flexible inputs, rich database and fast results will be fantastic for those late night ‘what-if’ questions that demand to be answered,” said Kyle Acquistapace, Partner, Director of Media and Strategy, Deutsch.

Masaki Mikami, Corporate Officer, Tokyo-based Hakuhodo Inc. added: “We have grown our strategic relationships with clients through the cross-media analytics and are using MarketShare tools for new business development. The customized version of Planner ‘H-Compass’ is unique to Hakuhodo’s sophisticated analytics offering. Using H-Compass in combination with Hakuhodo DY groups’ original media planning tool such as HAAP has helped us be more efficient, strategic, and innovative in the market.”

“Our latest version of MarketShare Planner taps into all of the progress that MarketShare has made over the last few years. We have tackled some of the hardest industry challenges – true attribution, optimization, cross-media impacts, brand equity impacts of marketing – and created a credible, predictive suite of solutions. We’re pleased to be able to offer these innovative and compelling solutions to our clients as well as agency partners as they face the growing complexities of marketing and media,” said MarketShare CEO and co-founder, Wes Nichols. “At MarketShare, our highest priorities are innovation and delivering the absolute best predictive analytic solutions in the industry. To that end, we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done with Planner.”

In addition to deploying Planner™, agencies are also partnering with MarketShare on other analytic solutions as well as to help support their new business initiatives. The company also helps marketers to know precisely where and how to drive demand across all media, sales, price and distribution decision points based on predictive analytic models and its proprietary MarketShare Optimizer™ software platform.

About MarketShare

MarketShare is an analytics company that enables businesses to grow efficiently by uncovering which actions really drive results. Founded in 2005, MarketShare has a track record of ground-breaking innovations in data, modeling and software and has worked with over half of the Fortune 50. MarketShare's platform provides a combination of technology, data, modeling and business intelligence solutions that lead to improved decision-making, attribution and optimization for businesses.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Tokyo and Bangalore. MarketShare is a portfolio company of Elevation Partners, a $1.9 billion private equity firm that makes large-scale investments in market leading consumer and technology businesses. For more information, please go to: www.marketshare.com; follow us on Twitter @marketshareco.


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