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Sprint Making Things Simpler with Neustar

Mar 22, 2011


Neustar is turning the app world on its head, and that’s a good thing. We thought how can we make app development and the mobile ecosystem work together better. It didn’t make sense for all the players - from the app developers to marketers, from the content community to carriers - to have to forge separate agreements with each other and create different APIs for every possible permutation, every network, every billing system, every device. You get the idea.

Among other things, we really know telecom so we were confident we could simplify things for the ecosystem players. That is how the Neustar Intelligent Cloud was born. The Intelligent Cloud is all about one agreement, one provider and one connection. With the Neustar Intelligent Cloud, developers without any telecommunications know-how can tap into the mobile marketplace. That’s why Sprint announced this week that they are partnering with Neustar. Sprint understands that allowing developers to do what they do best and leaving the complexity and connections to Neustar makes a lot of sense and potentially a lot of revenue for all parties.

It is best to let Sprint speak for itself. So, take a moment and read this Connected Planet Online interview with Nathan Smith, who is head of Sprint’s development program, where he explains why they plugged into Neustar for Sprint’s “Open Enablement” strategy.