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Jun 14, 2011

Neustar Webmetrics and Strangeloop Announce Partnership


STERLING, VA, June 14, 2011  – Performance, reliability and speed are important factors in running a successful online business. In recent years, there is a growing body of research that demonstrates how a website’s slow page load times has a negative effect on everything from revenue to customer satisfaction and retention. Online businesses need to carefully manage their end-users’ experience through load testing and monitoring, which are two major components of a robust web experience management plan. However, implementing performance improvements can be challenging. 

To address these challenges, Neustar Webmetrics, a leader in performance management platforms that include website and mobile monitoring and load testing services, and Strangeloop, a leading provider of website acceleration solutions, today announced that they will be partnering to offer customers the ability to not only load test and monitor their websites, but also to quickly and easily implement performance improvement recommendations using the Strangeloop Site Optimizer. 

“As world leaders in website performance monitoring and measurement, we’re able to tell our clients exactly where their problems are, but we want to do even more,” said Mark Sitko, vice president of Product Management, Neustar Webmetrics. “We want to provide them with the tools necessary to fix their problems quickly and easily. We needed a trusted partner to offer proven solutions in the Web Content Optimization (WCO) space. Strangeloop is highly regarded in the performance community, and they have an excellent track record with global ecommerce sites.” 

The combination of Neustar Webmetrics’ load testing and monitoring services and Strangeloop’s Site Optimizer will provide online businesses with  a complete suite of  resources and expertise needed to give their customers a quality end-user experience that can result in increased conversions, higher revenues, and improved search engine results.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Neustar Webmetrics,” said Strangeloop CEO Jonathan Bixby. “They’re in the business of identifying website performance pains, and they do this better than anyone else. We’re in the business of solving these same pains, and we do this better than anyone else. It was easy for both sides to recognize the huge mutual advantage of teaming up.”

Customer Benefits of Joint Solution

Neustar Webmetrics Full-Service Load Testing Services provide comprehensive testing and analysis of websites and applications – aimed at identifying bottlenecks, bandwidth limitations, server CPU limitations, misconfigurations and other issues that are impairing performance. Customers are provided with a dedicated engineer, who analyzes their needs and requirements, creates and runs tests, then provides a detailed analysis and report of performance, with recommendations for improvement. This analysis is taken one step further with the Strangeloop partnership, which demonstrates the quantifiable improvements that can be made – quickly and easily. 

Neustar Load Testing is performed using real browsers, and is powered by Selenium. This results in highly accurate measurements of the true amount of performance improvement that can be expected by use of Strangeloop’s innovative technology for customers’ web applications. 

Strangeloop offers an easy-to-implement solution to the complex challenges of web content optimization (WCO). WCO technology takes HTML that has been optimized for readability, supportability and maintainability and, while retaining these benefits, transforms it to HTML that is optimized for fast page rendering. This involves implementing numerous best practices such as rewriting object names, re-ordering when and how objects are rendered, re-ordering when scripts are executed, and optimizing content based on the requesting browser.

In the past, this time-consuming work could only be performed manually by developers with specific performance expertise. The Strangeloop Site Optimizer – which is available as a cloud-based service, a hardware appliance, and a virtual appliance – transforms web content optimization from a lengthy and complex coding process into an automated function performed in real time by an intelligent appliance. 

Customer benefits of this joint solution include:

  • - quantifiable performance improvements,
  • - better end-user experiences,
  • - time savings, and ultimately
  • - increased sales and revenues. 

About Strangeloop

Strangeloop is a leader in providing Web Content Optimization (WCO) solutions that enable companies to speed up the page load times of their websites and enterprise applications. Founded in 2006, Strangeloop’s original product offering was the Strangeloop AS1000, a delivery-focused accelerator for ASP.NET. In 2010, the company launched Site Optimizer, a next-generation web performance solution that offers a powerful set of features that work together to provide roundtrip reduction, rapid rendering, and dynamic browser caching. Site Optimizer simplifies Web Content Optimization from a lengthy and complex coding process into an automated function. Site Optimizer is available in three different environments: as a hardware appliance, as a virtual appliance, and as a service via the cloud. Strangeloop is based in Vancouver, BC. For more information, visit www.strangeloopnetworks.com.

About Neustar Webmetrics  

Neustar Webmetrics® helps ensure and optimize end-user experiences with a performance management platform that includes website and mobile monitoring and load testing services. For more information, visit www.webmetrics.com.