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Sep 8, 2011

Neustar Unveils New Technology for UK Digital Media Providers to Make Content from the Cloud; Collaborates with Civolution on Content Protection Technology


Amsterdam, NL and Los Angeles, CA – Neustar Media is making two announcements today with respect to the availability of its Neustar Media Cloud Service, a digital media platform that facilitates compatibility across digital media services, platforms and devices, giving consumers the ability to enjoy their digital media and content in innovative, easy-to-use and rewarding ways.

Continuing the progress made in the United States earlier this year, and to coincide with the International Broadcast Convention (IBC), Neustar is pleased to announce that it has completed the candidate release of the UltraViolet Digital Rights Locker and Coordinator technology as part of the UltraViolet ecosystem release specifically for United Kingdom implementers. Built in accordance with the DECE specifications and licenses, and pursuant to an agreement between DECE and Neustar, the UltraViolet Coordinator will enable users to purchase and access their film and TV content virtually anywhere and across a variety of devices.

“The Neustar Media Cloud Service provides a seamless infrastructure for content companies, retailers and others who recognize the need to create a compelling service for consumers to access their digital content from the cloud,” said Timothy Dodd, Vice President and General Manager, Neustar Media. “We’re delighted to be expanding the reach of this solution beyond the United States.  The United Kingdom is an excellent consumer market for digital content, and our release today marks another milestone for UltraViolet and for Neustar.”

Additionally, Neustar and Civolution have collaborated on developing a solution for the forensic watermarking and fingerprinting of UltraViolet content, creating a technology architecture that enables potential additional security features to be added to the current UltraViolet ecosystem for digital content distribution, such as the secure distribution of premium movie content.

“Just as UltraViolet solved issues with today’s fragmented marketplace for digital content, Civolution’s Content Identification technology provides consumers with more choice and freedom for new, premium content business models.  While fingerprinting and watermarking solutions are not required under the current UltraViolet licenses, our work with Civolution demonstrates the power and flexibility of the UltraViolet platform, and the potential consumer models that could be enabled,” said Timothy Dodd. 

“We have worked with Neustar to demonstrate how our watermarking and fingerprinting based identification, management and monetization solutions can provide the content industry with the opportunity to launch exciting new consumer facing business models,” said Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution. “In the future of less linear content distribution, the ability to secure, track and interact with content will be a critical enabler of media monetization. We are delighted to collaborate with Neustar allowing us to showcase that our watermarking and fingerprinting solutions can deliver additional security and interactivity to the UltraViolet ecosystem.”

The Neustar Media – Civolution technology demonstration will be on display at the IBC, Amsterdam, Sept 9-13, on the Civolution stand Hall 2, Stand C30.

About Neustar, Inc.

Neustar, Inc. provides market-leading and innovative services that enable trusted communication across networks, applications, and enterprises around the world. To learn more about Neustar, visit www.neustar.biz.

About Civolution

Civolution is the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing media content. The company offers an extensive portfolio of cutting edge applications for digital watermarking and fingerprinting which enable media protection (content filtering and forensic marking of media assets in pre-release, digital cinema, payTV and online), media interaction (accurate and real-time video synchronization for 2nd screen and SmartTVs) and media intelligence (audience measurement and media monitoring for television, radio and internet). Civolution offers the most comprehensive solutions to manage and facilitate profitable content distribution and use, visit www.civolution.com.