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Jun 30, 2011

Neustar Unveils New Technology for Digital Media Providers to Make Content Available to Consumers from the Cloud


Sterling, VA – Neustar Media is announcing the availability of its Neustar Media Cloud Service, a digital media platform that facilitates compatibility across digital media platforms and devices, giving consumers the ability to enjoy their digital media and content in innovative, easy-to-use and rewarding ways.

 On June 27, Neustar submitted to the DECE (Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem) consortium a candidate release of the UltraViolet Digital Rights Locker and Coordinator technology, for final beta testing as part of the UltraViolet ecosystem. DECE member companies have already begun integrating their applications and services with the technology and interfaces provided by Neustar.  Built in accordance with the DECE specifications and licenses, and pursuant to an agreement between DECE and Neustar, the UltraViolet Coordinator will enable users to purchase and access their film and TV content virtually anywhere and across a variety of devices. UltraViolet will be available for companies to start implementing this summer.

 “The Neustar Media Cloud Service provides a seamless technology infrastructure for content companies, retailers and others who recognize the need to create a digital media library and locker service for consumers to access their digital content from the cloud,” said Timothy Dodd, Vice President and General Manager, Neustar Media. “This is a landmark day for UltraViolet and for Neustar. The submission of the candidate release of the UltraViolet Digital Rights Locker technology to the DECE consortium is the beginning of the commercialization process for UltraViolet.”

 Among other features and functionality, the Neustar Media Cloud Service will provide unique Digital Rights Management (DRM), domain and device management services, and will support five leading DRM systems, providing solutions that can be used by digital content businesses in a number of different ways.

“Consumers want all types of content available on a variety of devices, and they want to be able to access that content at any time, in any location. Content providers need to make such capabilities a reality in order to keep their consumers happy,” said Yankee Group Analyst Terry Cudmore. “Partnering with a third-party cloud service can help provide the easiest and most convenient customer experience.”