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Mar 20, 2011

Neustar Strengthens Network Intelligence with IP Enablers Solution


STERLING, VA, March 21, 2011 – Neustar, Inc., (NYSE: NSR), a leader in providing carriers and enterprises with solutions for sending calls, messages and content across networks worldwide, a provider of market-leading, innovative solutions, and directory services to enable trusted communication across networks, applications, and enterprises around the world, today unveiled how the Neustar IP Enablers solution simplifies network addressing and management, optimize routing and allows users to capitalize their investments.

Neustar’s IP Enablers solution is ideal for operators migrating their network infrastructures to support next-generation Internet Protocol (IP)-based services. This solution allows operators to optimize the routing and addressing for current network technology, such as time-division multiplex (TDM) and enhance their advanced architectures including 3GPP, long-term evolution (LTE), and IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), with further network intelligence. The Neustar IP Enablers solution infuses the robust reliability and the comprehensive capabilities of a Neustar solution into a managed service that can quickly and efficiently adapt to changing network requirements. By offering a set of integrated solutions for managing the routing database, network analytics, registry services, and real-time routing – the Neustar IP Enablers solution provides a holistic architectural approach to solve the challenges operators face today.

“Until now, operators have been forced to take a piecemeal approach to managing the service delivery elements of their network, which significantly increases the cost, complexity, and doesn’t scale. This is exactly the challenge that Neustar addresses with the IP Enablers solution,” said Steve Edwards, senior vice president, Carrier Services at Neustar. “As next-generation networks continue to evolve, we are confident that Neustar will play a significant role in helping providers to optimize their network investments and adding intelligence to network architecture. This is another strong proof point in Neustar’s ongoing commitment to customer-driven innovation.”


The Neustar IP Enablers solution is available as a managed service that allows operators the flexibility to choose the services they need today and add functionality as their business demands. This gives providers the agility they need to respond to changing market demands and manage their network’s evolution to all-IP. One of the most powerful aspects of the IP Enablers solution is recent customer analysis that demonstrates the ability for operators to reduce their overall routing, capacity, and interconnection costs in the range of 10-20%.

Highlights of the IP Enablers solution:

Number Discovery

Number administration has been a cornerstone of Neustar’s business since 1996. The IP Enablers solution provides number correction, service provider identification, and TDM and IP registries on both a global and national basis. This allows operators to reach their customers correctly the first time.

Interconnect Management

The IP Enablers solution provides advanced traffic awareness to allow operators to make dynamic, real-time policy-based routing decisions. It allows providers to optimize network traffic steering decisions through interactive analytics and modeling. Further, this solution provides real- time routing services that can be updated in real-time for internetworking and intranetworking sessions.

Enterprise IP Connect

Neustar’s advanced solutions provide outbound services to support and make active traffic steering decisions for session border controllers (SBC). The managed service also allows operators to advertise network availability. With virtual private networking (VPN) numbering plans, localized routing, and off network connection policies, operators can provision resources as needed, helping to optimize network resources.

“Although most operators have implemented IP to simplify TDM networks while increasing throughput, few operators have designed an approach suited to the IP architecture. Making the IP migration to means moving beyond IP as an addition to TDM and to addressing IP as the go-forward infrastructure,” said Elisabeth Rainge, vice president, IDC. “There is an urgent need to provide centralization and coordination for provisioning, routing heuristics and network analytics. The IP Enablers Solution from Neustar represents such an approach to support the full range of TDM and IP voice, messaging and content solutions of the full service operator.”

Neustar is hosting demonstrations of the Neustar IP Enablers solution at the COMPTEL tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV in booth # 523 on Monday, March 21st at 1:00p.m. and 3:00p.m. and Tuesday at 1:00p.m. and 2:00p.m., as well at the International CTIA Wireless exhibition in Orlando, FL booth # 2921 at various times.

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