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Jun 14, 2011

Neustar Broadens IP Enablers Solutions Capabilities


STERLING, VA, June 14, 2011 – Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR), a provider of market-leading, innovative solutions and directory services that enables trusted communication across networks, applications, and enterprises around the world, today announced that it is partnering with NetNumber Inc., Agilis International, and Pulse Networks, a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited. Neustar has integrated real-time addressing and routing, analytics, and intelligent routing capabilities from these three companies into its IP Enablers Solutions, enabling operators to further reduce routing and management costs, increase network clarity, and broaden network intelligence. 

“As all-IP architectures evolve from a strategic idea to business reality, operators are quickly discovering the complexities of integrating and managing services across these hybrid networks,” Steve Edwards, senior vice president, Carrier Services at Neustar. “The Neustar IP Enablers Solutions is a new approach to provisioning and policy management that brings an increased level of intelligence to the network. The addition of these partner products to the Neustar IP Enablers solutions will enable our customers to further minimize the complexity and number of vendors that support their network, therefore increasing the profitability of next-generation services.”

Neustar, through the IP Enablers Solutions, has created the most comprehensive approach to centrally managing the routing and addressing policies across operators’ time-division multiplexing (TDM) and next-generation networks including circuit switch, VoIP, 2G, 3G, IMS and LTE architectures. The IP Enablers solutions allow operators to simplify the routing and policy management and optimize the performance and speed of the network; while reducing routing and management costs by 10 to 20%. IP Enablers include a rich set of capabilities such as number discovery, interconnect management, and enterprise IP connect and works across multiple vendor platforms and technologies.

Under this alliance, NetNumber, Agilis International, and Pulse are aligning product roadmaps, technology architectures, and development efforts with the Neustar IP Enablers Solutions. The capabilities brought by the new partnerships augment the IP Enablers Solutions for network insights, modeling, and reporting to provide increased network intelligence. The solutions allow operators to consolidate critical network addressing and routing functions into a single environment creating a holistic view across all network assets and eliminating the need for multiple policy environments, redundant updates, and manual analysis. The expanded IP Enablers Solutions support the broadest range of TDM and IP network elements to allow operators to apply real-time routing policies, to improve overall network optimization and further reduce costs.

IP Enablers Solutions Strategic Partners:

  • - NetNumber Inc. - NetNumber is a leading provider of next-generation, ENUM, SIP, SS7/C7 and SIGTRAN converged addressing and routing technology to the global communications industry. IP Enablers Solution now includes the NetNumber TITAN Server.
  • - Agilis International, Inc. - Agilis International’s Telecom Business Analytics solutions enable service providers to manage customer and financial risk across all types of networks, delivering high margin visibility and profitability management to finance, operations and intercarrier departments.
  • - Pulse Networks, a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited - Pulse Networks has been developing world class network solutions globally since 1996 and is a leader in real-time margin assurance and intelligent network solutions. Pulse Networks brings its real-time routing engine to the IP Enablers Solution. Operators will now be able to apply call-by-call routing and make decisions in real-time about how to route their traffic to maximize their service agreements.

Supporting Executive Quotes:

Douglas Ranalli, founder and chief strategy officer at NetNumber

“The Neustar IP Enablers Solutions unite routing, provisioning, policy management and addressing in a single cost-efficient solution that unleashes the power of innovation for operators. By supporting this solution, we are able to provide operators with a new approach to managing a hybrid environment so that they quickly realize the benefits of next-generation services.”

Jaswinder “Manji” Matharu, President, and CEO at Agilis International

“Neustar and Agilis International have a common vision for advancing next-generation telecommunication services with unified services, seamless management and true margin visibility. The Neustar IP Enablers Solutions enable operators to improve their margins and to harness the power of their network services across traditional TDM, IMS, 4G and other broadband architectures.”

Anthony R. Pearlman, President at Enghouse Systems Limited

“To take full advantage of the broadband infrastructures available today, operators require integrated, provisioning, management and monitoring across infrastructures and applications. The Neustar IP Enablers Service provides operators with a sophisticated level of intelligence to make network decisions from a holistic level.”

Neustar will feature the Neustar IP Enablers Solutions at The Cable Show being held this week in Chicago, IL. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Neustar booth in the CableNet pavilion # 1663 to see a real-world demonstration the Neustar IP Enablers Solution.  

For more information on Neustar’s IP Enablers, please visit http://www.neustaripenablers.biz .