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Jun 12, 2010

MarketShare Partners and IBM develop Breakthrough Solution for Media Companies

The integrated solution brings together the best of both worlds – the reporting and business intelligence of IBM’s Cognos Now and Cognos 8, and the strategic analysis and automated modeling capabilities of MSP’s software. It is designed to provide companies with the overall strategic insight along with the operational tools to translate that insight into real-time reporting for day-to-day adjustments and decisions. This will allow media companies to maximize their advertising and content franchises as well as track their operational and workflow efficiency.

“We are pleased to join IBM today to demonstrate such a powerful marketing analytics and reporting solution for media companies,” said Wes Nichols, co- CEO of MarketShare Partners. “The new software will be an industry first -- marrying an external market view to actual business execution.”

IBM’s Cognos Now delivers an operational business intelligence solution that continuously monitors time-sensitive, key performance indicators (KPIs) across media platforms such as network and cable TV, online video, and mobile video. This allows media companies to better optimize across their media platforms the overall inventory yield, advertising campaign management and sales force performance. MSP’s automated modeling software helps increase the value of companies’ advertising inventory through cross-platform consumer analysis and revenue optimization tools. This provides media companies with an objective, data-driven methodology to help their customers and advertisers allocate marketing dollars more effectively.