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Jun 12, 2010

MarketShare Partners and Bank of America Offer Marketing Mix Software to the Bank of America Small Business Online Community

Compass looks across key local marketing and digital marketing options and provides very clear recommendations about how much to spend and where the dollars should go.” Compass is a first of its kind tool that helps small businesses evaluate key questions including: “How much should I invest in advertising?”, “What types of marketing work best for my business including print, radio, search, display and social media?” and “How do my results compare with other similar businesses?”. Based on MSP’s sophisticated technology, Compass can help companies accurately predict which components of its marketing mix are working and how it can be better allocated to maximize goals.

Compass Lite works with only a few simple steps. First, a SBOC customer answers questions about their type of business, customers, products and current advertising. Then, the software gets to work to make overall recommendations based on real results from thousands of companies. Lastly, SBOC will connect the small business to companies that can help implement the findings.

The Small Business Online Community enables users to benefit from others' experience by connecting them to exchange ideas and information, as well as access to valuable articles. Contributions and members are rated by the community, and the most helpful may be prominently featured across the site.

To register, go to http://smallbusinessonlinecommunity.bankofamerica.com.