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Jun 12, 2010

Forbes and MarketShare Partners announce Innovative Accountability Offering for Forbes Advertisers

“It’s never been more important for marketers to understand exactly how their marketing efforts translate to the bottom line,” said Kevin Gentzel, President and Group Publisher, Forbes Media.

“Forbes is delivering on this promise of accountability with MarketShare Partners’ breakthrough CompassTM solution, which definitively links an advertiser’s investment with Forbes with revenue and outcomes rather than just impressions or eyeballs.”

CompassTM is the only business intelligence software on the market that objectively and effectively advises marketers on how much and where to invest both their on and offline marketing dollars, connecting these recommendations to tangible business results. The Forbes Brand Intelligence Group will work with advertisers to answer questions about their business including specific industry trends, markets of operation, current marketing allocation and more than 30 other variables to help determine the recommendations. Based on this input, Compass’sTM sophisticated algorithms make recommendations to the advertiser on how best to allocate their marketing resources across all touch points, including television, radio, print and search, display, social media and other forms of advertising.

“Forbes has been a leader in transforming the world of advertising to make it more actionable and accountable,” said Wes Nichols, Co-Founder and CEO, MarketShare Partners. “MSP has created sophisticated software in CompassTM that will make a tremendous difference in helping Forbes advise their clients on how to most effectively allocate their resources, as well as definitively proving impact of its media on marketers’ sales.”