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STEM Education

The next generation will make the connected world even more amazing. That’s why Neustar supports science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

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Employee Community Involvement

What can we give employees so they can give back to their communities? Paid time off to volunteer and matching gifts to worthy causes.

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HR and Employee Management

We embrace policies that maintain a fair, equitable, and safe workplace.

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Environmental Sustainability

From energy-efficient buildings, including data centers, to “green teams” and more we’re doing our part for the planet.

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Political Contributions Policy

NeuStar, Inc. (the “Company”) does not use Company funds to make contributions to candidates for public office, candidate campaign funds, political parties, political action committees or groups organized under IRS Section 527. Our prohibition against the use of corporate funds for political contributions applies even where such contributions are permitted by law. This policy is reflected in our Code of Business Conduct in the section on “Working with Governments and Internationally”.

Employees are free to participate in the political process as they choose on their own time as individuals and not as representatives of the Company. The Company will not reimburse or compensate employees for political contributions of any kind, including:

  • Contributions to political candidates, candidate campaign funds, or political parties
  • Contributions used to support the election of candidates for public office, through political action committees, groups organized under IRS Section 527, or independent expenditures
  • Time volunteered to support a political campaign or candidate for public office
  • The Company does not have a political action committee

Use of Company Resources

As an extension of our policy prohibiting corporate political contributions, we do not allow the use of Company time, resources, or facilities to support any political campaign on behalf of a candidate for public office. As a narrow exception, we permit our employees to use our computers and communication systems for reasonable, personal use, which may include the incidental use of such resources for personal political activity.


We may spend money, time and effort to support or advocate particular viewpoints on public policy issues, including engaging third parties to advocate on our behalf. Further, employees may spend time communicating our position to public officials. Any such advocacy involving expenditures, time or effort will be done in accordance with applicable law and requires the prior approval of our General Counsel.

Trade Associations

The Company belongs to several trade associations to which we pay regular dues which may also engage in lobbying activities. We do not make additional payments to any trade associations to fund their political expenditures and we do not direct any political expenditures they might make.


Neustar Code of Business Ethics (PDF)

As Neustar continues to evolve, enter new markets and grow existing ones, what we do and how we do it is increasingly important to our customers, partners, shareholders and fellow employees. New and difficult issues will arise, and this code is intended to provide guidance about how to respond. In these situations, the code is intended to help reduce confusion and eliminate roadblocks so we can continue to be productive in our work. The Code of Business Ethics serves as the framework within which we manage our business and as a reminder that respect for our work and colleagues, professionalism inside and outside the company, and the drive to achieve both excellence and integrity are essential to our continued success.

  • We never, directly or indirectly, show any preference or provide any special consideration to any service provider;
  • We prohibit access by our stockholders to user data and proprietary information of service providers served by us (other than access of employee stockholders that is incident to the performance of our numbering administration duties);
  • We must ensure that no user data or proprietary information from any service provider is disclosed to us, other than the sharing of information that is obtained in connection with the performance of our duties;
  • We must not share confidential information about our business services and operations with employees of any service provider;
  • We refrain from simultaneously employing, whether full time or part time, any individual who is an employee of a service provider, and that none of our employees hold any interest, financial or otherwise, in any company that would violate these neutrality standards;
  • We prohibit any individual who serves in the management of any of our stockholders to be involved directly in our day-to-day operations;
  • We implement certain requirements regarding the composition of our board of directors;
  • No member of our board of directors simultaneously serve on the board of directors of a service provider; and
  • We hire an independent party to conduct a quarterly neutrality audit to ensure that we and our stockholders comply with all the provisions of our code of conduct.